Relax; coming to Church for the first time is not always easy! Questions like "Can I find my way around? What about my children? Do I have to give? How should I dress? What's the music like? Am I welcome if I don't know what I believe?"

When you come to Sonrise Church in Hastings we want it to be an enjoyable experience, one that you'll not soon forget. So let us take some of those questions and provide some helpful answers.



We really are a family focused church where children are welcome and celebrated. We have an outstanding childrens church which has grown rapidly over the last couple of years. The children laugh and enjoy themselves while at the same time learning about God and Salvation through Jesus. Our prayer and hope is the children will grow not only being pillars of society but strong Christians in an ever growing secular world.

All childrens church workers are vetted and our child protection policy is based on Home Office guidelines, "Safe from Harm".



We believe young people are not the future of the church; they are the church right now! There are events put on during the week where they can connect with one another and grow in their knowledge of God. Many of our leaders in the church right now were once in our youth group!



People feel free at Sonrise Church to dress comfortably, which could mean different things to different people. Some prefer to dress up a bit, but many prefer to dress casually. We don't judge people based on how they dress. We're just glad you came!



We meet in a very traditional Anglican church building in Hastings with beautiful stain glass windows but we are far from traditional in our style! Our service begins with contemporary worship using songs by such people and churches as Matt Redman and Hillsong Church with the occasional hymn as well. We tend to stand at this time and you can follow the words on our large screens. During worship some people raise their hands to GOD but not everyone. History shows it was the way many early Christians worshipped.



After worship there will be a short message given by one of our main speakers in the church, which we hope you will find really inspiring and thought provoking. Come and be our guest one Sunday morning, you will find a "Church in Hastings" of happy people excited about God and life. You can ask questions or just come and listen.

Church is more than a building - It's a community!