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Main Leadership Team

BandW Glenn and Cathy

Pastor Glenn Khan

Senior Pastor - Glenn Khan

We started the Church in Hastings in September 2000 and have had one big adventure ever since, but we feel the journey has only just begun.


Manuel Dominguez

Fourteen years ago a young man from Columbia walked through our Church doors on a Sunday morning. He was here on holiday, but that morning he encountered God and never went home! He has a degree in engineering and is a property manager in a large local college. He also serves in the Church as a Pastor and runs our Bible School.


Chris and Kirsty Gowing

Chris and Kirsty met in our Sonrise youth group and now today they are married with a lovely one year old son. They are an amazing couple who showed a total love for God and passion for the Church from very early on. They served as Youth Pastors for a season in the Church and would often in the summer take the youth to a Christian summer camp called "Soul Survivor". Today they both serve in main leadership, with Kirsty being our Worship Leader and Chris supporting Cathy and me in whatever needs to be done.


Stephanie Reading

Stephanie can often be seen running around the Church with her team on a Sunday morning, as she heads up our Host Team Ministry. When you visit the Church on a Sunday, the first person you will often meet will be Stephanie, or one of her team at the door, as they welcome people. Most of her family also attend the church, including Mum, Dad, one brother and her sister, who all serve in one capacity or another.


Eddie and Katie Rose

As our Youth Leaders in the Church Eddie and Katie do an incredible job. We love seeing their passion for the youth, very often in action on a Thursday night.  They have a lovely one year old daughter and are happily married and live in Hastings. Eddie will sometimes preach on a Sunday morning, in his own and very unique way. (Being a science teacher in a local academy I'm sure plays its part in his preaching!)


Cathy and I are really grateful to all our leaders, and everyone who serves faithfully in the Church. We know they love to serve all those who walk through our doors on a Sunday morning and look forward to meeting you, as we do!




Love and Blessings


Glenn Khan